Offer your merchants more

Connecting to the Visa Acceptance Platform gives you access to our global payments community, including our extensive ecosystem of technology partners. Partnering with us enables you to extend your payment solution to offer the services and capabilities your merchants want. And our focus on innovation allows you to explore opportunities in new markets while building stronger relationships with your merchants.

What a partnership can offer

Customize your offerings

Pick the solutions that suit your customers best.

Increase revenue

Grow your business by offering extended payment solutions to your merchants.

Offer global scale

Use our network to scale your merchants, and your business, quickly.

Grow fast, globally

Easily access VisaNet, one of the world’s largest and most sophisticated networks for transaction processing. Proven over decades in scale, performance, and reliability, it’s your doorway to the world, connecting you to the people, businesses, institutions, and expertise you need to help your merchants reach their goals.

Integrate new tech easily

Add the latest payments technologies, like contactless and click to pay, through one easy connection to our infrastructure.

Banking-grade reliability

99.999% uptime means you can rely on Visa Acceptance Solutions to work for you while you work on growing your business.1

Remove friction for your merchants

Deliver a great customer experience for your merchants, including embedded payments, onboarding, and customer support.

Build your brand

Our curated onboarding program, with learning paths catered to specific roles, has insightful thought leadership and marketing and sales materials so you can offer unique payment and fraud solutions leveraging your brand.

Hear it from our partners

“The story is one plus one equals three. If we can go ahead and get people to work together, then suddenly, you can accelerate the growth for each company by sharing and co-selling together.

– Senior manager, strategic partnerships, subscription management platform2

More reasons to partner with us

Access payments innovation

One easy connection gives you fast access to the latest payments technologies for your merchants across the globe.

Add payments to your solution

Grow your revenue and your brand by adding cutting-edge payments solutions to your tech offer.

Connect to an enterprise-grade solution

Deliver enterprise-grade payment solutions simply, and at scale, with easy integration and maintenance.

1 Cybersource enterprise platform uptime based on the 12-month period, between March 2022, and March 2023, as reported March 10, 2023. Please note that past performance does not guarantee future results.
2 Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impact® study, commissioned by Visa for the Cybersource platform.

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