AI in payments decoded

The next steps in payments innovation

Hear from Rob Cameron on the transformative role of AI in the payments industry, from its early use in fraud detection to current applications in enhancing user experience and operational efficiency.

AI and machine learning now offer more accurate risk scoring

Find out how combining both negative and positive behavior models in fraud detection AI can deliver even more accurate risk scoring.

The power of partnership: combining AI and human expertise to supercharge fraud prevention

Learn why fraud can be managed more effectively by combining machine learning with the human expertise of understanding business context and global events.

Visa Merchant Fraud Report

A 360 view of how merchants are tackling payments acceptance and fraud management globally, including using AI, ML, and big data.

Add AI power to your payments

Explore our fully customizable fraud and risk management solution that blends data-rich AI with global human expertise.*

TireBuyer case study

We helped TireBuyer drive their fast-growing online business forward, with an AI-based fraud management solution that matched their speed and ambitions.*

Cryptocurrency case study

Fighting cryptocurrency fraud attacks with a flexible and scalable AI solution.*

Iberia case study

Helping Spain’s leading airline stay ahead in a post-pandemic world with the power of AI.*

AI insights from Visa

*This content includes references to offerings from Cybersource and, which are part of the Visa Acceptance Solutions family of brands.