The beginning

From the dawn of eCommerce, we have helped businesses streamline and simplify their payments and fraud strategies. Drawing together a broad spectrum of technologies, innovations, and partners, we have created globally accessible payment infrastructure to deliver modular, customizable services and solutions.

Our brands

Our platform for partners

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A new era

On the foundation of the global payments powerhouse that is Visa, we have molded more than 30 years of learnings into Visa Acceptance Solutions, an industry-leading, acquirer-agnostic payments platform.

We are shaping the future of payments acceptance by building a robust ecosystem of merchants and partners to foster deep relationships that deliver value and drive innovation.

- Rob Cameron, SVP, Global Head of Acceptance Solutions, Visa

What is Visa Acceptance Solutions?

We are an extensive marketplace of technology and payment service providers, where you can design payment solutions to suit your business without the hassle of building and maintaining them in-house.

Visa Acceptance Solutions is for businesses of all shapes and sizes: large, small, fast-paced, laid-back, pioneering, or traditional. And whatever sector you’re in, from financial services to fine art, consulting to construction, our platform will help you meet your goals and create the payments solutions your customers need.

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