Introducing Visa Acceptance Solutions

Your customers trust you to help them navigate the complex world of business technology. Now you can offer them an open platform that provides payments infrastructure and powers technology providers with innovation to create global payment solutions.

Why partner with us

Drive growth through innovation

Improve your market share and profitability using our pioneering modular solutions through a single connection.

Maximize approval rates, minimize fraud

Merchants on the Visa Acceptance Platform saw a 2.97% higher approval rate and fraud rates fall 70bps.1

Increase reliability and resilience

Banking-grade infrastructure means you can rely on Visa Acceptance to work for you while you work on growing your business.

Strengthen your global presence

With unrivalled connectivity to payment service providers and ISV partners, you’ll gain a competitive edge in every market and deliver a more robust offering to your merchants.

Simplify management of payments

Offer a complete set of payments management capabilities to your customers, including fraud, tokenization, and alternative payments, with easy integration and maintenance.

What a partnership can offer

Visa Acceptance Platform gives you instant access to our vast community of acquirers and technology partners so you can create the payment solutions your merchants want. And with built-in flexibility, you can maintain and evolve these capabilities to keep up with changing consumer needs.

Solutions that support all types of partners

Go to market quickly

Acquirers and financial institutions can easily access our flexible platform and a network of global payment and technology providers that offer innovative solutions.

Expand your solutions

Payfacs and ISOs can easily integrate without disruption or resource time to extend their payment solution and leverage opportunities in new markets.

Grow your brand and revenue

ISVs and tech providers can drive new business and use payments to differentiate their brand while enabling their customers to offer better experiences.

Integrate and maintain with ease

Solution integrators can customize solutions to suit their needs through a close partnership that understands and meets their unique challenges.

How our platform can help

Freedom of choice

Work with any acquirer and tech partner to get solutions that fit your goals.

Brand building

Stand out from the competition with customizable solutions supported by marketing and sales materials leveraging your brand.

Global scale

Grow into new markets and industries using the largest network of payment and technology providers.

Resilience and reliability

The proven reliability of Visa’s trusted platform, able to handle high volumes with 99.999%2 uptime.


Create the solutions you and your customers want, with the ability to adapt and change as consumer behavior evolves.

Our community gets stronger as it grows

We’re over 460,0003 businesses strong and counting. Join us to create the payment and fraud solutions your customers need.

1 Visa efficacy analysis leveraging existing sellers compared to VisaNet, from October 2020 – September 2021.
2 Cybersource enterprise platform uptime based on the 12-month period, between March 2022, and March 2023, as reported March 10, 2023. Please note that past performance does not guarantee future results.
3 As of April 2023.