Adapt faster

Stay ahead of changing consumer needs and open new opportunities for your merchants. The modules available on the Visa Acceptance Platform are pre-integrated so you can deploy quickly and confidently.


acquirer/processor connections


technology partner integrations

Reach further

Open new markets and revenue streams to help grow your merchants’ footprints with just one integration. Our global reach and our understanding of local needs leaves you free to focus on innovating.


countries and territories and 50+ languages and currencies1


in global transactions processed in 20222

Grow smarter

Every transaction contains a wealth of data. Our advanced AI analytics can open your eyes to a world of insights and help you build a sustainable future for your merchants and your business.


annual transactions used to gather insights3


token payments and counting

1 As of April 2023.
2 Represents the total of globally processed Cybersource transactions for calendar year ending December 31, 2022 and has converted to USD as of February 2, 2023.
3 VisaNet transaction volume based on 2021 fiscal year. Domestically routed transactions may not hit VisaNet.


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