Grow your business safely

As you increase your market share with new merchants and segments, you could face increased threats and compliance requirements. 

Partner Risk Controls help protect your business and merchant portfolio against risk and fraud—and the potential for financial and reputational losses—while keeping a handle on costs. You'll be able to manage merchant behavior while complying with network rules and mandates.


3 billion transactions processed

Partner Risk Controls processed more than 3 billion transactions in the 12 months to March 31, 2024.


95+ partners protect themselves

95+ partners protect themselves from risk with Partner Risk Controls.1

Take control, limit risk

You’re in the driver’s seat: Set high-level guardrails around merchant behavior, enforce mandates, and help protect your merchant portfolio from compromised cards and BINs. 

There are multiple ways to potentially limit risk:

  • Control what kinds of transactions individual merchants can perform
  • Block transactions based on card type and authentication status
  • Reject transactions on BIN ranges and cards to prevent fraud
  • Set disbursement limits and controls on payouts

Fast, simple automation

Partner Risk Controls run automatically with every authorization. There's no complex or time-consuming integration for you or your merchants.

Effective fraud prevention

Identifying compromised cards and BINs can help prevent card testing and transaction fraud across your merchant portfolio.

Suspicious transaction blocking

Pre-authorization filters block fraudulent transactions before they enter the payments ecosystem and incur fees.

Add merchant risk control to your fraud strategy

Successful acquirers will be those with best-in-class risk management processes, enabling them to gain market share in higher-margin merchant segments while keeping firm control of the risk exposure of their portfolios.

- "Managing Merchant Risk," Aite, July 2022

1 As of 3/31/24.

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