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Visa Platform Connect gives our acquirer partners a single, rapid, secure connection to the Visa Acceptance Platform and everything it offers: from modular payment services to a robust partner ecosystem. This composable set of resources is available to help you innovate and deliver market-leading payment solutions at scale for your merchants. It also handles payment processing in multiple currencies to Visa and other major card networks and routes payment card authorisations from merchants directly to VisaNet and payment capture files back to acquirers for settlement.

For our technology solution provider partners, Visa Platform Connect simplifies access to multiple acquirers—accelerating expansion into new segments or regions. With integrated access to VisaNet for authorisation and capture services, you can become a clearing and settlement processor as part of your expanded offering.

Faster and simpler

Visa Platform Connect removes the cost and complexity of building and managing separate integrations and gets you connected fast.

Compliance you can count on

With only one point of access, you can dramatically reduce your compliance management scope. We take care of complex compliance and regulatory requirements (i.e., EMV, PCI DSS/PTS), freeing you up to focus on developing payment solutions and building client relationships.

Reporting for deep insights

Get insight into merchant activity and transaction processing with standard data reports. View them online in the Business Center or download the data in a range of formats for further analysis.

Key benefits

Connect in less than 6 weeks

It takes an average of just 4–6 weeks to integrate an acquirer into the platform, with no need to develop an authorisation flow.

High availability for payment processing

VisaNet, the global network at the heart of Visa, reliably and securely processes 23 million transactions a day at or above 99.999% uptime.1

Monetise the authorisation transaction flow

Monetise the authorisation transaction flow straight through to VisaNet—no need to contract with third-party processors.

More time for business

With less time and resources needed to manage connections and compliance, you can sharpen your focus on your business and your merchants.

1 Published VisaNet reliability and uptime statistics as of April 2023

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